Do consider this!.

1. Why you wish to Safari and with whom: family, friends, romance, incentives, assignments etc.

2. What time of the year you would like to safari: which country in Southern or Eastern Africa will offer the best safaris at this time? The dry season in most, the wet season in Botswana, the wildlife migration in Kenya, Tanzania, the whales in South Africa etc.

3. How long you would like to safari for: a quick day trip in between a holiday or assignment, or anything from two or more nights. This can be tailored to suite you.

4. What kind of animals you want to see in the wild, what kind of safari you can go on for this: photographic, camping, walking, over landing, canoeing, backpacking, cruising, rail or a combination of some of these. This will also highlight the accommodation, meals and amenities available to you.

5. How much you would you be happy to spend per person one the safari. Consider transport to and from the country, safari park: the flight, road transport, speed boat etc.

6. What are, and how you will secure travel documents and health requirements for the safari.