There are many ways you can spend time at airports these days while waiting for a connecting flight. You can meditate, have your hair and nails done, go to a spar, have your teeth whitened, attend a concert etc. Here’s more to look for …

1. Singapore Changi Airport offers its passengers a butterfly garden, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

2. Abu Dhabi International Airport offers you a state- of -the- art chair, sleeping pod to rest in and catch up on sleep at Terminal 3.

3. Vancouver Airport has an aquarium and jelly fish exhibit for the children and interested folk.

4. Taipei airport offers Hello Kitty themed restrooms.

5. Tokyo Narita offers futuristic electronic toilets with plenty of interesting bathroom facilities.

6. Wellington Airport, New Zealand suspends a 42 foot statue of Gollum from Lord of the Rings catching a fish.